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BLACKOUT BRITAIN (or BOB as we affectionately like to call it) is made up of a bunch of people from all over the UK - folk from the Greater London Authority, to a family of seven in Stockton-on-tees.

We are calling for the reduction of energy waste across the UK.

We are not an organisation, we are a meeting ground for people with a desire to save what is left of our planet from the effects of Climate Change, so our children - and your children - can enjoy it like we do.

The first and best response to the threat of Climate Change is to stop energy waste. And as we're British, the obvious place to start is in our own country


We are calling for a monthly show of support for our voluntary Lights Off evenings, and we are encouraging companies, individuals and public bodies to pledge to reduce their demand for energy.


BOB provides inspiration.
BOB connects people up.
BOB gives info on electricity use and Climate Change and how YOU can protect our planet by switching off and powering down.

For more info and media enquiries contact :-

07776 062 651

BLACKOUT BRITAIN supports the following initiatives...

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Background : BLACKOUT BRITAIN was inspired by BLACKOUT LONDON which in turn was inspired, amongst others, by the following initiatives :-


e-mail us : info [at] blackoutbritain . org . uk

Safety first : This campaign will always be peaceful and respectful and have due concern for personal and national security. This is terror-free Climate Action and we will never incite violence, hatred, rioting or damage to property. Our aims are positive, our supporters law-abiding. Join us to beat Climate Change.